Subject:RE: Lots of White smoke out exhaust Date:Mon Jan 21 01:39:48 2013
Response to:18151
Do you know your current fuel to oil ratio in the tank?

If mixed correctly at 24 to 1, it should smoke out the exhaust! This is normal! Although what you are describing sounds like it may be excessive...

If your current mixture is unknown, it may be too rich with oil. Some people will "flog" a 2 stroke, just prior to long term storage. That is to say they will deliberatly introduce a heavy oil to fuel mixture on purpose, to protect the engine internals during storage. Not a bad idea!

If your current mixture is unknown, I suggest removing all of the old fuel in the tank, and adding 2 gallons of fresh fuel mixed at 24 to 1 with a quality 2 stoke oil. Many different opinions on the best oil, but use a modern 2 stroke oil, mixed with fresh gasoline at 24 to 1. (5.3 oz. of oil per gallon of gasoline or 10.6 ounces of oil for 2 gallons of fuel).

Once you know the mixture of fuel is correct, start the bike and put a few miles on it! Ride her around the block a few times if possible! Then re-examine the smoke being ommited! Only then will you recognize the "correct" amount of smoke!

Enjoy and keep us posted!

I bought a 165 for myself recently. Its past owner said he's known of the bike since 1984 and never saw it run. He had it as a display piece.. Anyway, I didn't have too much trouble getting it running after shoring up some wiring and cleaning the carb and tank. However, it has a lot of white smoke pouring out of the exhaust. Is it just burning off 30-40 years of whatever or ???? Any advice on what else it could be or a solution? Thanks for any help