From:Dean Henderson
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Chipped cylinder Date:Tue Jan 29 14:41:39 2013
Response to:18190
Hey guys thank you for your input. Mutt thanks for the
history of Harley manufacturing. Wouldn't you know it I'd
have a light weight with substandard parts. I've got to keep
going on the bike been in the family since 61. Tin's are
painted seat redone carb rebuilt ect.

Just like most companies these days, bottom line and the
almighty dollar is what it's all about. It appears that
after the death of Mr. William Harley (bless his soul !!!)
The Davidsons decided to start minimizing processes and
maxamizing profits. HD had always used MCC (Motor Casting
Company) to cast all of their parts. Around 1959, they
found a "more economical" casting company, that by using
them, it would maxamize their profits. But the
quality of the castings was less than average to poor. The
name of the casting company they went to escapes me at the
moment, but many of the Super 10 and later cylinders have
fins that are not filled out all the way. I have a NOS one
that has 3 of 4 places on it, like the fella posted a
picture of. They got even more greedy when in 1961, the
lightweight models started using a connecting rod assembly
that used a needle bearing that was inferior to the old
tried and true roller (rebuildable) model rod. You couldn't
rebuild the new rod, you had to go buy a whole new rod
assembly. More profit for the Company. That's just the way
it was. No more than a .040 or .050 over piston? Just go buy
ya a new cylinder. Atleast Hepolite made them some money but
offering a .050 and .060 over piston for the lightweight
Harleys !!! Honda started making a showing in the 60's, H-D
tried to keep up with them using lesser quality parts, went
down hill like any greedy business should, got bailed out by
a bowling pin company, then got bought out by a bunch of
money hungry doctors and lawyers, then sent 75%+ of their
manufacturing production overseas, to Germany,India, Tiwan
abd Japan. The rest is history. Harley, just like WalMart,
used to be proud of their businesses and used the slogans
like " American Made" and "Buy American. Now it's "go green"
and "global marketplace" !!!!!
I tried to buy 400 new piston assemblies from a company
(even some 70 and 80 over size so folks could use the last
bit of their cylinders) . They told me 400 piston assemblies
wasn't profitable for them !!!???!!! HUH? My response was "
when your company was first starting up, you would take any
job off any one that walked into the door, but now that you
are "in the money" the little guy means nothng to your
company". I hope all greedy companies go bankrupt !!!

I agree with Dean, I have several Super 10 cylinders all
with the same notch in them.