From:Mike D.
Subject:RE: gas to oil ratio Date:Tue Jan 29 15:04:19 2013
Response to:18177
Here is a e-mail I receaved from a man who overhauls these little engines. "I run 32:1 ratio . I use only Amsoil Dominator synthetic 2 stroke oil." When I asked him what Harley-Davidson used to recommend in the old owners manual this is what he told me. "The book recommends 25:1, but that was using 40-w motor oil back in them days. Modern oils are designed to be ran at a different ratio. If you run modern oil at 25:1, you will have oil running out the pipe at the cylinder to pipe joint. Even 32:1 you will still have oil all over your engine." Hope this helps you. Could you please tell me who restored your bike, it really looks nice. Mike

Can anyone please advise me the gas to oil ratio for a 1959 125cc Harley Hummer? Thanks