Subject:RE: RE: gas to oil ratio Date:Sun Feb 3 05:27:55 2013
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Here is a e-mail I receaved from a man who overhauls these little engines. "I run 32:1 ratio . I use only Amsoil Dominator synthetic 2 stroke oil." When I asked him what Harley-Davidson used to recommend in the old owners manual this is what he told me. "The book recommends 25:1, but that was using 40-w motor oil back in them days. Modern oils are designed to be ran at a different ratio. If you run modern oil at 25:1, you will have oil running out the pipe at the cylinder to pipe joint. Even 32:1 you will still have oil all over your engine." Hope this helps you. Could you please tell me who restored your bike, it really looks nice. Mike

Thanks Mike, I will find out who originally restored my HD and get back to you. I purchased it from a man that had it in a room in his home where it was on display for 6 years.(also he never tried to start it after he purchased it from the man that restored it) I bought it to take to the motorcycle shows. Thanks again, Mike. Sheila

Can anyone please advise me the gas to oil ratio for a 1959 125cc Harley Hummer? Thanks