From:Duane Taylor
Subject:batteries again Date:Tue Feb 5 11:23:43 2013

How to restore section on batteries showing:
Harley Shield Logo type:
Shield green, early years 48--??
Shield red, later years through ??- 59.

However, the different Harley BAR type logo (not painted) is clearly shown in the 56-66 parts book as 66001-47D used with 53-59 ST.

Obviously, that battery shell/logo was available at that time or it would not be in the illustration.

I think this is an important issue for judging as it would be hard to refute the picture/PN as being incorrect or the part not available at that time.

Since all types of shells are correctly made and on the shelf now, I need to know what direction to point the restoration customers.

OF interest (to me at least), in my 5 yr search for good battery cases to copy, I have found two different versions of the Harley shield Logo. The difference is minor and was probably due to mould change or different battery companies producing for Harley. Not a judging issue.

DUANE TAYLOR, ancient.