Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1959 Harley Hummer Date:Thu Feb 7 00:07:51 2013
Response to:18225
Please let us know how it goes ;=)

Thank you CJ

I am sure that others will pipe in, but I would be inclined to take the carb off
and clean it, flush the tank, and clean the internal screen on the petcock. It
wouldn't be a bad idea to drain the oil from the transmission and refill it.
Think I would be suspicious of any fluid that had been sitting in a bike that

I would also pull the plug, verify that it is clean, correctly gapped , and that
it has spark when kicked over. Check that the air filter is clean as well.

Before riding, check the oil in the forks, that the chain is lubricated, and that
the wheel bearings have grease. A check of tire condition and pressure
would be a good idea. Finally, coast it down a small incline and verify that
both brakes work... Not being able to stop can ruin your day ;=)

When I actually get ready to start it, I would add a bit more 2-stroke oil than
is recommended to your fuel (search for thread 18000 for some great info
on what oils to use and not to use in your fuel mix). Take it easy for the
first few miles with both speed and engine RPM.

Thinking about it, what you do after start up really depends on if your bike
was restored and **never run** or if it was restored, run, and then put
away. If it has never been run, there is a break in sequence you need to

Beautiful bike - hope you have fun with it!


I purchased a 1959 HD Hummer that has been completely
restored. It has been displayed inside a home and has not been started in
6 years. What steps should I take before fueling and starting up? Thank
you, Sheila