From:Dana Miller
Subject:1961-62 luggage rack Date:Sat Feb 9 23:51:26 2013
Well Mutt is nearly done with putting my 60 Super 10 together so I need to scrape a few bucks together to ship it back soon. I'll be listing on ebay a few left over parts over the next month or two as i find time. First up is a NOS Luggage Rack for the 1961 super 10 and 1962 pacer. Basically a one year only for both models. This is the shorter brace model for 16 inch rims. HD part no. 53400-61 Comes complete with mounting hardware in unopened package.
I listed it well below what I paid for it so hopefully this could be your lucky day! Will need repaint as it has had 50+ yrs of Shelf wear. Regardless I doubt you will find another this nice these days! Cheers Dana