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Subject:RE: Super 10 picts! Date:Tue Feb 19 00:30:03 2013
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....and complete with chrome

OK Fellers heres what you been waitng for all weekend! Sorry for the delay but work has been in my way the whole time and then by the time I got around to taking some artsy photos today it was nearly pitch black. Some of these shots were taken with an 8- 11 second exposure on a cold and breezy eve so I didn't get to take too many photos. Hope you like this teaser. Let me know and I'll be happy to post more detailed shots.
John Dutra...I know that Green with Envy feeling. When I began stripping the original fenders I discovered the original color was the Hi Fi Green. I had originally planned Hi Fi Blue but seeing that color actually got me motivated to do this bike a favor and do it right, and right away! I remember you from last year as well and look forward to helping out in any way I can this year. I like the Hi pipe on your bike. I keep looking for one. We may have to talk Duane Taylor into making a handful! Cheers Dana