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Subject:RE: Shop Date:Wed Feb 20 21:47:28 2013
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Very impressive....go Mutt! Has Jay Leno approached you yet? If not, he's a fool.... just kidding...everything looks great. Dave, thanks for getting this all started :-)

BUsy time of the year at The PigStye

Here's a pic of about half the bikes in the shop (2 are right at finished) All the others haven't even started the restorations yet. Almost looks like a real old Harley shop huh?
The red 62 Pacer front in the picture, we finished today. It belongs to Mr. Hubbard from Anniston Alabama. The next one in line is Uncle Tom's (Mr. Webb from Caveman Cycles in Davis, Oklahoma) 1954 165, next is the extra rare VERY FIRST 1956 model 165, that belongs to Les and Anna out of S.C. or Canada (depending on the time of the year). The next in line is Mr. Webb's 1962 RANGER !!!!! Then Col. Ball's 1958 165 (South Carolina) and last is Mr. Todd's 1976 SX 125 from upstate New Yook
Waiting inside of the shop is yet another 1956 ST belonging to my fellow worker, Bo Stewart,another one of Mr. Webb's bikes , a 1957 STU. a 1949 S belonging to Mr. Shawn Dunsmore of Nebraska, another 49 S we are finishing up for Cory in Louisiana,2 more bikes Mr. Hubbard dropped off yesterday, a 1965 Pacer and a 1960 Super to restore. I couldn't put them in the picture, cause they are in a million pieces. He made a huge casket for them to travel in when he brought them in from 'Bama. He wants us to resurrect them from the dead (so to speak)