From:Tom Wallace
Subject:RE: RE: AMCA National Meet in Florida Date:Mon Feb 25 14:20:48 2013
Response to:18275
Hi Gary,
Give me a call when you get here, I might still be here. I have a home in the Ft Myers~Cape Coral Area. My cell # is (614)519-3899. Tom

Alice and I are headed to Ft Myers the week of the 3rd, to take in a little warm air and some baseball. (11 degree high here today in Minnesota) We plan to head your way on Friday to check out that Hummer Tent. Look forward to seeing you either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.


Brother Boone,Joe,Don Biter and I will have the Hummer Tent in full swing in a couple of weeks from now,The dates are March 8,9,10~~ 10(Sun) is for the judging and most all vendors will have left,we start packing Sat. afternoon.
We will be setting up on Thur. afternoon the 7th
There is plenty of room for your bike and any parts you might want to sell or trade.
New member Ralph,in Mississippi called me today and is trying to find a jug for his 56-B,can anyone help?
Here's Joe with his 53 chopper getting it started,its the first time its been out of the barn since 1980
My Cell # 352-303-7418 and the spots are J1,2,3 call if you need help finding us