From:Gary Morgan
Subject:RE: RE: Silver Sands AMCA meet. Date:Mon Mar 18 20:28:52 2013
Response to:18316
A special thanks to Pepper for showing us around and providing transportation in his golf cart!!! (Since Alice has stress fractures in her ankle it is very difficult for her to walk very much.) I have a couple pictures to share.

....and the beat goes on..... :-) Thanks for sharing this! Dave and I will be at the Oley meet and keep it going on. We won't have a golf cart to help with moving parts but we will have burgers, dogs and soda!

Hummers are alive and well in Florida! The show was fantastic! We met a hand full of previously unknown local Hummer people, made some new friends and fun was had by all! I am already getting ready for next year! It was great to see all the regulars again, Pepper and Joe did a great job as hosts! The setup and food were great, no one left hungry!