From:Dean Henderson e-mail: hendersonfour-A-gmail
Subject:RE: RE: Representing my lightweight brothers at the show Date:Thu Mar 21 12:15:36 2013
Response to:18329


Put my 61 Super 10 in the local Antique motorcycle show
this past weekend, only Harley lightweight there but placed
1st in the class I was put in. Many beautiful bikes
represented Harleys, Indians, Vincents, Brough Superiors,
and customs.

Love the bike, got one just like it that I am working on. I
am new to painting and need to know if the paint on the tank
is laid out free hand or if there are dimensions for the
stripes and width of the white on the front of the tank.
Thanks for all your help!

I used this guy In my home town of
Colorado Springs great person. has a nice web site you can
e-mail him and get a quick response with questions. All the
tins on the bike are original and they were really ruff when
I took them to him.

This was what was next to me radical build think he got Best
of Show