From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: Sunshine Meet Date:Thu Apr 11 17:51:45 2013
Response to:18378
My thanks go out to Mutt and Mr. Taylor for all their support in this build.The workmanship on the top end and carb. adp. is outstanding and Duane made the signed chainguard just for me,how cool is that!

I got bored one day and decided to go shopping,thats what my wife does and it seems to help, so I went to Bro Boones and found some cool stuff and started another project.CJ, this bike was made from anything that would fit.

I have been looking at the pictures of the Sunshine Meet - looks like it was fun - I did have a question, though.

On the right-most picture on the fifth row, there is a Hummer with an orange expansion chamber.

What's the story?