From:Bud Dutton
Subject:RE: Hummer Hospitality at Oley Date:Tue Apr 30 15:53:56 2013
Response to:18428
It was nice to see you guys again and as always you make everyone feel welcome. Thanks for some good food and drink. Had a great time and thanks again. Bud

We're both leaving for the Oley AMCA Swap Meet on Thursday morning - the Hummer Hospitality Tent will be open late Thursday afternoon through late Saturday afternoon.

Stop by for some burgers, a liquid refreshment, and some Hummer cameraderie. Rumor has it that Duane Taylor of Taylor Classic Cycles will be flying in to join us at the Hummer Tent.

If you've never been to Oley before, stop in at the registration desk and ask where the Harley Hummer Club is - which is halfway between the Volunteer's Pavilion and the bathrooms.

Join us for a burger and a beer...

Dave and Brent