Subject:RE: Oley 2013 Date:Thu May 2 08:54:23 2013
Response to:18440

Brent, we are trying to get in touch in a fella named Don, who was the chief judge at Oley. Can ya fix us up with a email or phone number, so we can call him and contest this major judging problem please? A good friend of mine, Mark Valente, had his 2 1951 restoratios judged there. He tells me that Mr. Dave was the one that judged his bike. Dave took off 2 point for each bike, saying that they had "the wrong upper and lower exhaust clamps" Dave says that both clamps should have a single lip on them. That's WRONG. Not only does the parts book show that the clamps are the same lip-less clamp that are used by the 48-50 models, but the factory pictures CLEARLY show tham as lip-less. Staring in 1952, the lower clamp was changed to the double lip, but the upper clamp was still lip-less.The sinlge lip upper clamp came out on the 1955 models. the double lip lower clamp was used on the low pipe models from 1952 to 1956, then in 57 the lower clamp was changed to the U bolt clamp on the low pipe models and the double lip clamp was used only on the high pipe models from then on. Please help us ut here. These 2 points put him under the 95 points he was expecting. Maybe this judgment came after the peach and Apple Jack and the hair o' the dog had blurred Dave's memory !!!