From:Richard Duda
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: no spark Date:Mon May 20 06:55:20 2013
Response to:18495

I stock points for the mag model, $31 set
Spark Plug - champion H8C - available at most auto parts stores - $4 or $5

Points - 29580-55 - these are hard to find.
has them for $39.95

Condenser - 29578-55 - I don't know any source for these. These don't go
bad often, when when they do, they can ruin your day. The one for the
generator models 32726-47 should work, but it probably won't fit right.
$5.95 same place.

??? Any other sources for points and condenser ???

I would buy a new spark plug, but clean up the points. Just take them out and
carefully file them with a fine file. Try to get rid of the pits, but don't take off
too much metal. And keep the surfaces square. Once you've got nice shiny
surfaces, put them back in and see if you get spark.

You can test the condenser while you've got the points out.
But be sure to zero the ohmmeter first - if it won't zero, the battery may be

The spark on these is very hard to see. Close the garage door, turn out the
lights, leave the spark plug out of the engine, kick it over and look for spark.
A helper makes this job much easier.

If new plug and cleaning the points gets you spark, shell out the $$ for a new
set of points.

Let us know how it works out.

It has been sitting for 20 years. I did have it running once but not very well.I
replaced the tires and tried again but now no spark? I guess I'll get new
points and condenser and plug. Is there a good place to get those parts?

Thanks for the info

Tell us about the condition of the bike. Has it been sitting for 20 years? Or
have you had it running and suddenly it won't start? Have you redone the
wiring, etc.

Start with a known good spark plug (Champion H8C), and gap it to .040 -

Then clean and gap both sets of points to .018 The upper set of points runs
the ignition while the lower set runs the stop light. The lower set is not
critical, but they should be gapped correctly.

If the bike has been sitting awhile, you should remove the upper set, and
dress them up with a points file.

The metal in the points does deteriorate - I used to have a 1960 Super 10
which I had to run a points file through the upper set almost every time I
started it. Of course, a new set of points and condenser fixed that.


Does anyone have a way to diagnose a 1960 super 10 that does not have any

Thanks Bryan