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before I confuse someone, I need to make this statement clearer.
It should read

The 2 pin WLA connector is the same connector plug used on the 1955-56 B and 1956 ST models. The 57 B/ST models used a one year only white plastic connector plug and all 58-up models with tail lamp used the black plastic plug. All these plugs are "clocked"

I went out digging in the parts room and found the installation instruction sheet. It is actually dated 9-19-55 (not 56 as I thought I remembered, but does appply to the first 56 model ST, so I was partially right. It's tough when ya start losing yer mind !!!.)

Some people are under the inpression that the 56 165 ST still used the bullet lamp, but these instructions clearly state that "the late model 165" (which in this case would be the new 1956 model) uses the 55-59 B type tail lamp as it uses the connector plug that the instruction sheet called the "polarized" plug, meaning it has to be "clocked" for the brake light to function correctly, hence the offset pins on the bulb

As soon as I can get the scanner to scan, I'll post the pic of this Factory document.



The 2 pin WLA connector is the same connector plug used on the 55-56 B and ST models. It is bakelite with a removable steel casing.