From:Ronnie Tanner
Subject:RE: ST165 pre mix? Date:Mon Jun 24 22:12:09 2013
Response to:18579
Hello Mike I also have a ST165 with a freshly rebuilt engine with 110 miles on it. I am running Motorex Synthetic 2T at 24 to 1 and it does not smoke and has no spooge.
I have run the Bel Ray H1R synthetic that you mentioned in my KTM 2-stroke dirtbike and had to quit running it and switched to the Motorex because of all the spooge and premature carboning and sticking of the powervalve.
You can buy the Motorex at a KTM motorcycle dealer or you can order it from Rocky Mountain MC. I reccommend it.

Goodl Luck, Ronnie Tanner

Okay, I got my ST165 dirt track racer together and running! Thanks to Tom Van Beek and Alan Lyons for all the help! But now Iím working on the pre mixing.

For the past 5 years I have been using Mobile One Synthetic Racing Two Stroke oil at 32:1. Jetting was near spot on. Very little spooge, and near zero smoke when engine was warmed up. Mobile One no longer makes two stroke oil.

So I switched to Bel Ray H1R, also at 32:1. It smokes a little more, but not much. But the spooge is terrible. Literally dripping off the exhaust port.

Tom did the bottom end, and I installed a new piston and rings. Heat cycled 5 times over the course of a day. Then put 10 easy miles on it. Iím just about ready to put the hammer down and see how things go.

Is the spooge from the new oil type, and just live with it? Or, should I break in the rings more before becoming concerned?