From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: Dixon Date:Sun Jun 30 20:19:06 2013
Response to:18591
Don't ya hate it when that happens Arny! I've posted the wrong picture 4 times before,try again with the Dixion photo.

I would like to thanks John and Gene for their hospitality to my brother Bill Cummings,my nephew Larry Cummings and myself Arny Cummings at the Dixon show . I would also like to thank Dean Hummer for all the great stories and information that he shared with me . If you have never met Dean you are missing out on a thrill of a life time ---he has made my life a little brighter ! Good food and friendship was enjoyed by all . As for the show I was a little disappointed in the size . I thought it would be much bigger but it was still a great event with lots on nice bikes and great vendors . I will share some pictures I took with everyone . Enjoy them . Arny