From:Don Ellington
Subject:RE: RE: Wauseon , Ohio show 7-19-13 Date:Wed Jul 10 22:47:29 2013
Response to:18619

We all appreciate your effort in support of the Marque....does this mean the Hummer tent will be there...if so, .... let all the Ohio et al folks know ....if we have them respond here we will have an idea of how many to expect...nice to have all of us together !!!...Don Ellington (trying to make plans)

Hello everyone. Things worked out last minute to where I'll be able to attend Wauseon. My truck isn't any good for a long drive anymore but a friend is loaning me a car and I'll be hooking up with my buddy Richard Frost in Clarion,PA to ride shotgun with him the rest of the way. I don't know his space number yet but if you see a really nice red 1925 Indian Twin with side car displayed For Sale I'll be somewhere nearby. I plan on bringing oil cans, literature, books and a few other things to sell (some Hummer stuff)so drop by and say 'Hi'. Once I find out the space number I'll post it.

Nobody involved with our tent responded so I guess it will not be there....unless someone knows otherwise.......However is ANYBODY TAKING A HUMMER OR TWO TO THE SHOW....IT WOULD BE NICE TO GET THEM TOGETHER....please advise if you are planning to attend