Subject:RE: RE: Clutch components, release screw, is it bad ??? Date:Sat Jul 13 14:34:27 2013
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The worm screw fork for the clutch cable had been twisted, the clutch was real tough to pull then, it would not release.
You probably can not tell much by the pics. but I thought I would give it a try.
The holes in the fork are tweaked, kind of bad, I have tried to straighten them but, when I took it apart, it appeared that the cables T was pulling from one side only.Is there a modified screw/fork that is a bit thicker, to keep them from bending ???
I had the clutch cable routed like the brake cable, through one of the holes in the top triple tree bracket, like the brake cable, in the last pic. that I will be posting on this matter. It seemed that the short s, by going through that hole had quite a bind on the cable but, it looked proper. I will reroute the clutch and brake cables so they will make their run under the top plate.
I had lubed the cable liberally, with Break free, for the silicone, the cable did`nt seem to be sliding freely within its housing so I am now lubeing it with Moly engine assembly grease, it is a real light grease, and the cable now seems to be sliding freely.