Subject:Wauseon Date:Wed Jul 17 21:24:59 2013
Last notice: I'll be attending on Friday but the space number is unknown as I'm tagging along with a buddy last minute. I won't be tending an official 'Hummer Club' tent but if any of our members are interested in getting together to shoot the breeze call my cell phone at 908-432-1765 and I'll tell you our space number. Bring beer....and be prepared to see a really nice 1925 Indian with side-car attachment. If you see Jay Leno bring him along...and also come to see my (and my buddy's)long stored, hasn't seen the light of day for a long time, collection of books, toy's, literature and memorabilia we will have for sale....or trade. If any of you out there have a 741 Military Indian in running condition my buddy is interested! Don Ellington....thanks for the call! My cheapo 'call only' phone didn't tell me your number to respond.