From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Wauseon - As requested, A Story Date:Wed Jul 24 11:27:01 2013
Response to:18667
Anyone out there have a good story or two to post about Wauseon? I love to hear it.


One year. back around 1998, it was even hotter than that - the temp was over 100. There was hardly any movement, occasionally you would see someone dart from one patch of shade to another.

I was hanging out with PeeWee and drinking his beer - there just wasn't anything else to do. PeeWee's taste in beer runs to that Tasteless Yellow Water that you can buy for $4 for an 88-pack. But on that day, it was the perfect beverage. So we hung out in the shade and drank T.Y.W. all day long.

Around 6 o'clock, PeeWee said "Hey, let's ride over to the bathrooms, I gotta pee, and it's too far to walk". I said, "Hey, me too". So we did.

Mission completed, I observed that although we had consumed probably a dozen T.Y.W.s each, (a) this was the first time either of us had used the bathroom all day, and (b) neither of us were trashed.

(a) is easy to explain - we just sweated out the water as fast as we could drink it. (b) I have no idea. I do know that if I tried drinking beer in the hot sun today, fifteen years later, I'd pass out after the second or third.