From:Backyard Bob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersey
Subject:RE: Need a Super 10 excorsist Date:Sat Aug 3 17:55:28 2013
Response to:18697
Define "Motor has been rebuilt". When everything looks right, and it still won't run, the culprit is usually the crankshaft seals. These seals, when they go bad, disrupt the air/fuel mixture that is pulled into the crankcase and then pushed up through the ports into the cylinder. They suck air and make the mixture too lean. Another boogey-man that will keep it from running correctly is when the exhaust pipe gets clogged from the carbon build-up caused by the gas/oil mixture. Usually you can remove the baffle and clean it. I would suggest a Catholic priest who rebuilds 2 stroke motors...there's bound to be a few in CT. Best of Luck!

After over six years of tinkering, I'm ready to put a match to my Super 10. I am convinced it is possessed.

Motor has been rebuilt, carb rebuilt, countless hours adjusting everything on it and it still doesn't run right. The other day I thought I finally got it running right and went on a good test ride.

Today - no start. Has fuel and spark.

So does anyone know a mechanic, excorsist or firefighter in the CT area?