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You finished with "Small world..." and I just had to laugh because of what happened in my world yesterday! I was at my ex-wife's house helping her out with her car. I waved at her across the street neighbors like I have for years. We got the car going and she had to run an errand and I begged off and went to sit on the porch to smoke a cigarette. 'Mike' called from across the street and invited me to shoot the breeze. He was wondering why he didn't see me ride any of my bikes anymore and I told him everything my ex needed from me lately involved my truck. He told me he had something in the house that I'd probably never seen before and probably didn't even know what it was; and took me in to show it to me. "It's a 1952 Harley Hummer" he proudly said as he pointed to it. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at him and asked "You have no idea who I am do you?" He got a big kick out of finding I'm the webmaster for the Club!
Yea, small world....p.s. it was actually a 1952 ST 165, hadn't run in years, had a Sportster seat and ape hanger handlebars on it....he paid $50 for it years ago will never be for sale :-)

I saw the Dixon show info and knew that meant California
Dixon, but cool to find some members are in Niles! You're
right, very close to me being in Livermore! I have a friend
who has a beautiful Scat, and a Topper that I finished up
for him. Currently I have a HD Sprint flat tracker in the
garage that I got running for him today. Small world...


Hello hummerites.
Evan. Myself and john dutra both live in Niles, not far from
I have a 51,59 and a 62. John has a 61. I also have a 63
and 65 scat in
process of rebuilding, and a 1960. I also have a 64 topper
with sidecar.
John andi oth enjoy talking abut these bikes. Good luck
with yur project,
and get in touch! Gene

Bob, that's exactly the point! I love it that my friends
haven't a clue what it is and somehow some way I will
resurrect this Hummer. Again thank you all for the help!

The thing I get the biggest kick out of is you're not just
messing with a're messing with history and
trying to get it running again :-)

Thank you gentlemen. I realized the need for the manual
once I persuaded the left cover off and found the bearing,
and not a seal. I really appreciate the advice, and I found
the parts site so I know where to find the
seals. I have a Harley store here in my town of Livermore
in Nocal so will set about ordering up a manual. Again,
thanks for the advice and tips!

I agree with Dave on the manual. The 58 the earliest in the
Harley book Dave mentioned is essentially the same engine as
the 56 you're working on.

You may be able to coax the left outer bearing out, then the
retainer and seal. I replaced the bearings but was only able
to find sealed bearings. I removed the both seals on the
inner and right bearings, I trust the engine lubing more
than the lube in a sealed bearing. and I removed one of the
seals on the left outer bearing, the clutch-transmission oil
lubes it pretty well.

The engine oil runs down in the tube between the crankcase
and the cylinder. A small reservoir feeds oil to the case
side of the bearing. putting the bearings in with one seal
still intact reduces air-fuel-oil from puffing through the


If you are disassembling your engine, you really need to
have a Service Manual. Good News! It is still available
from your local Harley-Davidson dealer.

1958-1966 American-Made Lightweight

Part# 99444-93 - Reprints of original service manuals and
parts catalogs for the Hummer 125, ST165 Super 10, Pacer,
Scat, Ranger, Bobcat and Topper scooter. Also lists the
colors, accessories and equipment for each year and model
from 1958 to 1966. MSRP US $40.00

Check the first listing under our "Parts" section for all
the antique literature still available. H-D's website has
changed, and they don't show the list of all the different
books anymore. But you can type the part number into Search
on their web site, and it will show it.

--- Original ---
My questions is, the left crank seal is I assume behind the
bearing? Does this mean the cases must be split to replace
the crankshaft seals? Was hoping the service manual links
on this website would work but they appear to be just
pictures. I would appreciate any tips and/or advice. thank