From:Duane Taylor
Subject:RE: 51 Handlebars/Generator Question Date:Sun Aug 25 10:42:49 2013
Response to:18748
e-mail if you wish and I will help with questions and handlebar.

Hey everyone,
I am looking for a set of handlebars for a 51S. Anybody have any that they can part with?

I also have a question. I pulled the generator off of my 51 and noticed two of the switches under the points plate were completely chewed. I also noticed that the Armature that is packed with the bundles of copper wire is in really rough shape. All the wires are exposed. Do I have to replace the whole thing or can those switches be replaced? What about reinsulating the copper in the Armature? Is that possible?

Any help would be great. I may have some stuff to exchange for some parts. I just bought a whole bunch of stuff when I purchased a 48 out of a guy's barn. I could part with; 3 different frames, 4 wheels with tires, a gas tank, a 55 motor and lots of misc, including a lot a fenders.

-Patrick in ND