From:Tom Webb
Subject:RE: Uncle Tom's restore. Date:Sun Sep 15 23:21:01 2013
Response to:18784
A big thanks to Mutt and Beau for all the work on these bikes. As always, they look great and are as near perfect as possible. Also a big thanks to Duane Taylor and other vendors for searching out or making the hard to find parts. We couldn't be happier to add these (especially the Ranger) to our little museum here in Davis, Oklahoma.

Just wanted to post a picture of Uncle Tom's 62 Ranger. Everybody that came into the shop in the last month and saw it was just blown away by it. Mr. Webb's collection is approaching 75% of all the models now. Yesterday, he picked up his 62 Ranger, his 57 ST and brought a 59 ST that he wanted to make into a 58 ST (he has a 53,4,56,57 and (2) 59 ST's). It took 9 non-stop hours to yank the 59 motor out of the chassis, disassemble the entire motor, clean everything, replace a few parts and put the motor back together in the 58 cases. Never even unloaded the bike off the trailer !!!