From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Who knows????? Date:Sat Sep 21 18:41:39 2013
Response to:18806
Yes, I did ride Ace Elliot's two-engine 1951 Model 125 at Davenport in 2000.

Look on our Club page, under "Historic Photos". There's Ace on the bike in front of the Hummer Hospitality Tent.

I asked Ace if I could ride it, and to my surprise, he said "Go right ahead" - so I did. Unfortunately, no one had a camera to capture me riding it. It was a blast.

Here's the write-up from the Hummer Exchange.

I've had the privilege to ride those bikes mentioned on the KJ Exchange posting - and many more. The latest was during Oley 2012, when Duda let me ride his 1917 Harley around the fairgrounds.

I'll have to write up some of the stories about my interesting rides. Maybe Brent Dugan will tell you about him riding my KJ at Harmony one year. Was that the year I lead the Harmony road ride?


I wonder if this would really work.

Here is some information that talks about Ace Elliot, the fellow who built this bike -

and here is a picture of him riding it -

Back in 2004, Dave Hennessey posted on the Henderson site that he had ridden "Ace Elliot's 2-engine Harley Hummer".