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Now those are a couple of GREAT stories! Memories to hang on to.

Well Dave,
Since you challenged me you took your chances.......

Who buys a Henderson motorcycle? Rich people. That's not Dave...Dave
appreciates the mundane, the bizarre, the odd...and his purchase of the KJ
was the first time I ever saw him actually go out and say "I want
one....because I want one!" I've known Dave from before Hummers were
even willing to be recognized by HD and I've watched him push until we
have what we have now. Always giving and asking nothing in return.

He shows up with a Henderson at Long story short...he
offers to let me ride it around the grounds...I decline. I don't want the
responsibility. He insists....I decline again....he makes remarks challenging
my manhood so, of course, I HAVE to accept his offer. Wow, I'm riding a
Henderson! I pull up after my loop of the grounds and get ready to shut it I smile a big smile at him. He looks at me and says "I want you to
RIDE it. Take it out on the road!" After a couple of bantering words I realize
he's serious and I pull out of the plate, no registration, etc.
They lock you up for this in New Jersey....but I don't always play by the
rules.... and neither does Dave :-)

I found out why Dave needed to share his new ride with me. That four
cylinder purred between my legs. It let me know it was as happy as I was
going for a ride. At the stoplights when I revved it the torque caused it to
lean a bit to the left....I've never experienced that with any motorcycle I've was like the bike was saying "yea, do it again".

Dave likes to ride. Dave likes to share. He also likes to enjoy
memories....and making them for other people.

I've got my Henderson Memory....but he was also there when I was trying
to put my '48 Model S125 together.

Yes Dave, you lead the Road Run that year :-)

And I got to ride a Henderson.

Yes, I did ride Ace Elliot's two-engine 1951 Model 125 at Davenport in

Look on our Club page, under "Historic Photos". There's Ace on the bike in
front of the Hummer Hospitality Tent.

I asked Ace if I could ride it, and to my surprise, he said "Go right ahead" -
so I did. Unfortunately, no one had a camera to capture me riding it. It was
a blast.

Here's the write-up from the Hummer Exchange.

I've had the privilege to ride those bikes mentioned on the KJ Exchange
posting - and many more. The latest was during Oley 2012, when Duda let
me ride his 1917 Harley around the fairgrounds.

I'll have to write up some of the stories about my interesting rides. Maybe
Brent Dugan will tell you about him riding my KJ at Harmony one year.
Was that the year I lead the Harmony road ride?


I wonder if this would really work.

Here is some information that talks about Ace Elliot, the fellow who built
this bike -

and here is a picture of him riding it -

Back in 2004, Dave Hennessey posted on the Henderson site that he had
ridden "Ace Elliot's 2-engine Harley Hummer".