From:Josh Ahl
Subject:RE: RE: Battery & Starting Question Date:Fri Sep 27 20:24:47 2013
Response to:18817
Your dads a smart Ill check for spark in the morning and thanks for spelling it out for me as I really have no clue what im doing so please excuse the stupid questions. The carb on my bike is covered and I haven't tried taking them off yet. whats premix? Thanks again for the help.

My Dad always told me "If you have spark, fuel, and compression, it should run". Now I know that there are some other things to consider on these lightweights (like crank seals), but I would start there.

You just about have to start with fresh fuel and a fully charged battery. Also, if you don't have decent compression, you may be wasting your time.

Start by pulling the plug, connecting it to the plug wire, grounding the plug base to the engine, and turning the engine over - do you have a good spark? No spark might be anything from a loose wire to bad points / plugs or a bad coil.

If you have spark, reinstall the plug and plug wire, pull the air cleaner and try squirting a small amount of premix into the throat of the carb and then kick the motor over. If it hits, you have a fuel feed or a carb problem.

It wouldn't hurt to try to push start it if the basic stuff checks out...

Good luck,

Just got a 53 hummer and the battery was dead. I looked at the restore section and bought the battery that was suggested which was a 6v 4.5amp battery. I hooked it up and now my lights turn on and stay on but the bike wont start. I am doing something wrong? could it be a carb issue? or should I get the 9amp battery and hope it will make a difference. I know these bikes have a generator and im thinking the 4.5amp battery is to weak.

Any suggestions? before I take it to a shop..