From:Tom Woodbury
Subject:RE: RACE BIKE FOR SALE Date:Sat Oct 19 15:34:34 2013
Response to:18756

Hi all ,
As another Davenport meet is passing I just wanted to offer my 1955 165
Puckett Race Bike to any of those of you that got the "Race Fever" from attending
the races and just gotta have a race bike or just want something better than you
already have.
This bike is like "Brand New".It was built with all NOS Puckett race parts and has
only been test started a hand full of times. It has light weight aluminum wheels,
the racing Ceriani front end, Puckett head,crancase stuffer and the heavy duty 7
spring clutch and a brand new 28mm Mikuni carb amongst countless other
special race items. Contact me for detailed pictures and any questions.
email me DIRECTLY or call Travis at 719-641-6484


Wondered if, by chance. you still had the "Race Bike" and/or the '62 Scat?
If so......What's your price on each/both?????


By the way....where are you located??