From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Seat identification Date:Sun Nov 3 12:53:59 2013
Response to:18920
Following the reference in chapter 65 - SEATS I Googled "ELH Harley" and quickly found this;

It looks like a hummer seat mounted on the rear fender.

Steve. I've seen these frames with many distributions of springs and internal stays, from steel strapping bent the hard way in between the short (front) and the long springs. to like the one on Ebay now with no or few long springs. I'm guessing that the rumor they were left over war seats may have allowed they were made mast anywhere. Of course some farm wife may have remade your seat (or any one of the ones I've seen) in 1952. Perhaps better than Harley used originally.

I have one of those frames, however, the appearance is different than what is on the bike in the photo. Is it just the way the material is installed on the seat frame? Any other comments? Thanks.


one of those seats uncovered is on ebay item 171164499488
I am new to the Harley Hummer scene and recently purchased a 1949 125 for a restoration project. Attached is a photo of a hummer which I would like to know where I could purchase a seat such as the one shown in the photo. I have found similar seats, but none without the seat material wrapping down the rear of the seat. Would anyone know where I could purchase such a seat? Or have one made?
Thank you in advance.