From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: 64 pacer won't kick start Date:Sat Nov 23 23:25:52 2013
Response to:18737
"broken from the factory" is always a possibility - and one that we often don't think about. Since we've turned into a Wal-Mart nation whose only criterion is cheapest price, manufacturers keep making products cheaper and cheaper so they can compete on price.

I put new points and condenser in my tractor. Started like a champ. Several weeks later, it wouldn't start. I looked at the points, and they were black. (And no, I didn't leave the key on).

I filed them, and it started right up. But I knew the metal was bad in the points. Maybe that one set. Maybe that week's production. Maybe every one that company made. So I went to a DIFFERENT parts store and got another set. So far so good.

So yeah, always go back through your troubleshooting checklist, and don't assume just because it's new that it's above suspicion.


Well at least a tuneup helps, but some parts come broken from the factory so always consider "broken from the factory" a possibility. [Doug Miller]