From:Gene Underwood
Subject:RE: Newbie Date:Thu Nov 28 03:01:46 2013
Response to:19001
Hello Rachel
I'm Gene. I live in Niles. I also have a 1951 125s, along with a few other
hummers. John dutra also lives in Niles, and has a 1961 super 10.
John and I always do the "harley hummer happy hour and hospitality hut" at
Dixon ca fairground each year.
Dean hummer, wh
I'm the hummers are named after also lives fairly close. And you've already
been told about dr Duane Taylor, up in Oregon.
Keep in touch. Gene

Hi! I'm new to all of this but very excited to meet you all. Just picked
up this little piglet in Reno, NV. and brought her home to the East SF Bay

It's my first bike and I am just lookin' to connect with some folks and learn
about her. Hope to have her runnin' soon.

Say "HI" if you have a mind to.