From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: magneto question Date:Mon Dec 23 20:09:55 2013
Response to:19088
1955-1957 Hummer: had the spark plug wire coming out of the ignition (lower) coil (29574-55) in the magneto. The upper coil (29575-55) in the magneto powered the head and tail lights. They did not have a stoplight. They did not have an external coil, so the front downtube on the frame did not have the lugs for mounting an external coil.

1962 BTF Ranger: used the same ignition coil as the Hummer, but since it had no lights at all, there was no upper (lighting) coil.

1958 and 1959 Hummer, and all the 1960's models except the Ranger: used a 29574-58 ignition and stoplight coil in the magneto, along with an external coil which was mounted on the front downtube. The upper lighting coil in the magneto was the same as the Hummer (29575-55)

1955-1957 Hummer owners will be glad to take that self-contained ignition coil off your hands...

Below is the 1955-1957 Hummer magneto

does a 1965 BTH motor use the same ignition system as a 1962 BT motor ? My 62 BT has a self contained Magneto with a small lighting coil.