From:john dutra
Subject:RE: '55 165 ST project done! (Thanks Bruce) Date:Wed Dec 25 13:42:17 2013
Response to:19096
Look's great and while it's important from a historical point
of view to keep vintage bikes correct by the same token
making bikes your own to one degree or another is just as
much a part of motorcycle history. It's been done since the
first bikes rolled off the showroom floor. Your bike is
beautiful and all your hard work and dedication is
appreciated by all who love these little critters.
Congratulations now let the fun begin.
Merry Christmas.

My 2 year restoration on dad's old 55 165 ST is finally
done. It may not be correct but it wasn't when I
I did it my way! Lot's of thanks to Bruce Mackenzie for all
the countless hours spent on the phone answering my dumb well as the excellent machine work!