From:Tom Wallace
Subject:RE: ST165 Date:Sun Dec 29 13:42:36 2013
Response to:19116

Full left side photo

Hello fellow Hummer fans,
With all the recent talk about 1956 ST's I thought it would be
a good time to announce the completion of my 1956 ST165.It has
been a two year project and I couldn't have done it without
the help from Stanley Waite, a Hummer expert for sure.It was
my goal to have a Restoration with all the correct parts and
fasteners and I was able to do so for the most part.

Hey, I know there is a broken cylinder fin for all the world
to see. Would you believe I traded a newly chromed perfect ST
Handlebar for that cyclinder? Oh well, sometimes you come up
with the short end of the stick. The color is atomic blue and
I am still looking for a good tool box.