From:Holly Butler
Subject:RE: RE: Need reason why advertised Pacer is only 1:7 existing Date:Mon Jan 13 17:02:22 2014
Response to:19167
Well the Pacer I have is a single owner bike that has been in the family since it was bought new. Before my uncle passed away, he gave it to me. I rolled it out of the barn he had stored it in since the 70's, and just recently restored it (about 90%). It is a BT model, and since I can't seem to find any updated numbers of what is in existence, I honestly couldn't prove error or not, because I don't know if it is a special model. I have it tagged/registered in GA, I have been in touch with the AMCA, but as far as being registered with any particular club or organization, no. I just recently got her running this past Oct. I searched your website to try to become a member quite a while ago, but then found out it was limited to online now.

Holly, Is your Pacer "registered" or does yours prove the error in the 7? This is only a question. I saw one last summer, unregistered, but ridden often, he didn't know about the club here.

There is a website claiming this organization verified that their 1964 Pacer was only 1 out of 7 in existence. Not that I wouldn't believe it, I just can't find any proof to the claims, and I try to do research before believing what someone may say. I'm assuming it's a BTU model, not a BT? Just trying to figure out if 600 BT models were made, and 50 BTU models were made, why would the advertiser selling the motorcycle not specify and provide such a limited amount of details to authenticate its rarity?

The additional reason I'm asking is because I have a 64 Pacer, so I'm trying to figure out why there have only been 7 supposedly documented still in existence of his particular motorcycle.