From:Holly Butler
Subject:RE: RE: Need reason why advertised Pacer is only 1:7 existing Date:Mon Jan 13 17:08:58 2014
Response to:19168
Thank you for the information! I actually used your website to significantly help in my restoration. I ordered any replacement parts I needed through very helpful people and links through your club.


The Harley Hummer Club started way back in 1979, and for many years, we kept track of the bikes each paying member owned. This was important back then, because the only way to find parts or info was to contact other members of the Club who had similar years/models. We also published each member's serial numbers in our annual member roster.

When the World Wide Web became popular 20 years later, we stopped producing a newsletter and keeping track of members and their bikes.

We used to publish (in How To Restore, Chapter 2) the number of each year/model owned by Club members which we had gathered back in the old days.

Although we said "these are only what have been reported to us, and there are many more bikes owned by non-members", people misinterpreted these figures, and used them to advertise "one of X in existence". So we removed these figures from the web site a couple years ago.

There are some rare million-dollar Ferraris and Bugattis where only 12 were made, four were destroyed in early racing accidents, and the 8 owners of the extant ones all know of each other. In these cases, "one of X in existence" in appropriate.

For the Hummer-series bikes, it is not. We know how many were made, but only God knows how many of each are still in existence, and He's not telling us.


There is a website claiming this organization verified that their 1964 Pacer was only 1 out of 7 in existence. Not that I wouldn't believe it, I just can't find any proof to the claims, and I try to do research before believing what someone may say. I'm assuming it's a BTU model, not a BT? Just trying to figure out if 600 BT models were made, and 50 BTU models were made, why would the advertiser selling the motorcycle not specify and provide such a limited amount of details to authenticate its rarity?

The additional reason I'm asking is because I have a 64 Pacer, so I'm trying to figure out why there have only been 7 supposedly documented still in existence of his particular motorcycle.