From:Backyard Bob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersey
Subject:RE: Need reason why advertised Pacer is only 1:7 existing Date:Mon Jan 13 23:00:58 2014
Response to:19166're my kind of girl...and I mean that as a compliment. I'm leaving my bikes to my kids. A few are restored; a few are originals. One son promised to keep the one (main) bike original un-restored/running. The other son doesn't give a d**n and will sell his. My two daughters have told me "How ever it (they) comes to us we'll keep it just the way it is, keep it running, and ride it out of respect for you". Things don't always have to be perfect to be loved and considered valuable. P.S. all my children are adults now.

There is a website claiming this organization verified that their 1964 Pacer was only 1 out of 7 in existence. Not that I wouldn't believe it, I just can't find any proof to the claims, and I try to do research before believing what someone may say. I'm assuming it's a BTU model, not a BT? Just trying to figure out if 600 BT models were made, and 50 BTU models were made, why would the advertiser selling the motorcycle not specify and provide such a limited amount of details to authenticate its rarity?

The additional reason I'm asking is because I have a 64 Pacer, so I'm trying to figure out why there have only been 7 supposedly documented still in existence of his particular motorcycle.