Subject:RE: RE: gas oil mix Date:Fri Aug 22 11:03:30 2014
Response to:19806


Beautiful bike! Seems like you have a thing for silver

I like that carrier - never thought of using one like that.
Where did you get it or what brand?

25:1 is the correct ratio, no matter what kind of oil you
use. The original Harley 2-cycle oil cans were marked SAE
40. Most people use a modern 2-cycle oil.

I mix up a 2-gallon can of 25:1 gas/oil mix in the spring,
and use it in my Hummer, weed-whackers, chain saw, etc. It
doesn't seem to bother the weed-whackers, but I do dilute
the chainsaw mix a little. Since the Hummer gets about 100
mpg, most of the mix gets used in weed-whackers.

In the fall, I add STA-BIL fuel stabilizer (available in
most auto parts stores) to everything (both 2 and 4-stroke)
that will not be used during the winter.

Back in 1953, many Americans had "party line" telephones,
and a few still exist in isolated areas. But I think you
meant the other kind...


I have a 1953 ST. In 1953 the book said mix 25:1. Modern
two cycles mix at 50:1. Is it the modern engine or the
modern oil? What's the party line on what the mix should be?