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If ya just wan to ride, use one of these. It screws right
in. I can convert it to accept the original metal fuel
line. Use a non working original for the show, use this one
when ya ride

Someone had a gazillion of these petcocks made in China or
somewhere, and the Chinese supplier really screwed up. Some
leak through the valve, some leak out the flippers, and
some won't "pass gas". But vendors keep selling them even
though they are junk.

These old-style petcocks are hard to find used, and even
harder to find in working condition. One problem is
ethanol gas - they didn't have that in the 1950s and 1960s,
and the rubber they used for the seals wasn't designed for

Here's an idea:

There's a million Harley petcocks on eBay, but not the ones
we're looking for. On eBay, click the Advanced Search - up
in the right hand corner of the screen. Type in Harley
petcock, scroll down and click "used". This will screen
out most of the garbage.

Maybe you can find a used one that way. It's a crap shoot,
unless you find an honest seller that will test it, and
guarantee that it works and doesn't leak.

This one comes up - -
but it's not the one you want - you want the one with the
threaded lower connection.

Years ago, someone on here used to convert the hose-style
to the threaded style. Are you still around? I'm thinking
that the thread is a standard SAE flare fitting - but I'm
not sure about that !!!

The guy would remove the lower lip from the hose-style,
modify a flare fitting by drilling it out to a press fit.
Then press it on the de-lipped hose style. Maybe red
Locktite too.

Harley transitioned from the threaded to the hose-style
during the 1950s. The hose style was used until the late
1960s or 1970s - when they changed the configuration of the
petcock. So the hose-style are easier to find.

Not a great solution, but maybe workable.

I purchased the petcock fuel valve from J&P Cycles. It is
possible that another one from their inventory may work
just fine. However, this one leaked so badly I prefer to
just get my money back rather than ask for a replacement.

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