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Duane Taylor
Taylor Classic Cycles

From the pictures of Duane's shop, I guess you've kind of gotten the picture of the Wonderland I walked into. I could post a lot more but I'd be giving away secrets and gilding the lily far too much.

My adventure didn't stop at Duane's shop - that was just my 'morning'. Duane treated my aunt and I to lunch at the airport restaurant. Way cool place - there were R/C planes (my second love) hanging from the ceiling and the food was great.

Duane accompanies my Aunt into the airport restaurant

After lunch, Duane gave us a big surprise when he introduced us to his "Second Love".

"Second Love" and "Third Love" (and they share the same apartment!)

Janet is Duane's True Love.
mere machines just can't compete with this beautiful lady

Yes, Duane hold a full pilot's license and is fully certified and current.

When he doesn't feel like taking the controls, he leaves the flying to his co-pilot, Janet. They met each other at the airport. I think he admired her plane, or something like that :-)

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