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Duane Taylor
Taylor Classic Cycles
1948-1953/1954- Saddlebags

Brent Dugan writes:
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Duane Taylor has been at it again. His latest quest was to reproduce the H-D Lightweight saddlebags.
One of his challenges came in setting the decorative spots into the leather… but I’ll let him tell the story.

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"I have been researching/planning/promising to make the “Hummer” saddlebags for several years.
The basic bags were the same from 1948-1962 but with 4 different versions with the first (1948-53) being the best in my opinion.
This presented the biggest problem in that each early bag has 76 3/8" diameter spots. Good spot machines were made in the 1930-1950
era but only available now on special order as rebuilt at $6200 per last quote. Two others on the market currently at $2-3K
but cumbersome, a bit crude, and hand fed models are not practical to set this many spots.
That said, I decided to design/build an automatic spot setter, and having never seen one, it was a “reinvent the wheel” type project.
It is now done and in use but still needs a vibratory spot feeder which is nearly done. Both the old and current automatic spot machines
weigh 200-350 pounds. This one weighs 45 lbs, is pneumatic, quiet, and sets about 30 spots/minute (even with this fumble fingered) operator".

-Two pictures of this new design spot machine follow-


"These are two pictures of the spot machine in its current phase so feel free to copy it and make your own if you wish".

"At this time, the 48-53 version of “Hummer” saddlebags are done and the first sets delivered to those that have been waiting for some 7-8 years.
They are exact copies of original bags I have. I will keep making all versions as long as this 90 Y.O. body holds out since they are a pleasure to make".
"FYI: I am very close to offering the saddle bags for all years/versions of the leather ones, 48-62.
This will be my last big reproduction project that has been festering for +/- 10 years; getting details for all the versions, finding the correct leather suppliers,
making the leather parts patterns in sheet metal, and finding the correct hardware as used 70 yrs. ago.
The [other problem] was finding someone to sew the leather parts. After 6 months the solution was to buy the correct Cylinder bed machine and do it here.
I have to get finished samples of the later period correct bags and pictures of those to send along as well as the mounting options.
That would be the strap hangar sets (90985-49A), luggage rack and the modification of this rack to fit the swing arm models I have done.
I will also do the bag expander (90825-52) as I think it would be useful”.

Duane Taylor 7/2019

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