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Jerry Hatfield
Arlington, Texas
The Pohlman Photographs

Jerry Hatfield #883 provided this marvelous selection of photographs from his collection, and Brent Dugan #85 fabricated the wonderful web page display. Together, these two spent hundreds of hours in assembling this historical journey through factory advertising photographs from the heyday of the Hummer-series bikes.   See Jerry's 1953 Model 165

Harley-Davidson, Inc. has graciously authorized us to use these photographs on our web site - for the sole purpose of helping us restore our motorcycles. Harley-Davidson retains copyright over these photographs and images, and no reproduction or other use of these materials is permitted without prior authorization from Harley-Davidson, Inc. The photographs were taken by Pohlman Studios, a professional photography firm who provided H-D with advertising materials for many decades.

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Clicking on each thumbnail picture will enlarge it for better viewing.
Many of them also lead to more detailed close-ups of specific areas of interest.

Executive photo op. 1947
1948 Prototype Model S 125
Take Me There!

1948 Model S 125 Motor
Another view
Model 125 Crank Case

Model 125 Clutch assm.
Model 125 w/commentary
additional commentary

other side
1949 Prototype
Factory 10 Thousandth 'Lightweight'

1950 Promo photo
1950 Prototype
1950 Prototype. Another view

Circa 1950 Promo
1951 prototype
Another 1951 Prototype

1951/52 Sales Promo Pic.
Another 1951 Sales Promo Pic.
1951 Crank case photo.

1952 Prototype
1952 Prototype w/commentary
1952 'Make-out King'

1952 original vs. airbrushed
1952 Riders Handbook Pic
1952 Prototype

1953 Motor
1953 Motor W/Serial Number

1954ST Anniversary Special
1955ST Promo Pic

1955ST opposite view
1956 "Hummer"
1956 "Hummer" Engine

1957 Speedometer

1957 "Hummer"
1958 Model Spectacular
1958 Model Close-up

1959 Model Engine
1960 Super 10
1960 Super 10 Engine

1961 Super 10
1961 Super 10 Engine
1962 Ranger

1962 Pacer
1962 Pacer
1962 Scat

1963 Pacer
1963 Pacer Suspension
1964 Scat

Reminder: Advertising photographs were often taken months before the start of production for each model year. Some of these bikes were prototypes - new model year parts fitted on last year's bike. Check the date on each picture.

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