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Martin Draper
Miles City, Montana
1957 Model B Hummer

Webmasters note:
   Martin's sisters collaborated and Dorie shares the memories.....

    "Being born into a family of six children, I had the misfortune of being born between the only two boys in the family. I learned how to be a traitor at a very young age.
They seemed to both play me against each other. I spent many years trying to heal up my knees after being dragged behind a wagon everyday during the formative pre-school years of my life. The teenage years only proved to be more interesting with my brothers, however. I learned how to join forces with my sisters to get even! We were all raised along the Yellowstone River in an area referred to as ďthe islandĒ. Most of our neighbors were as poor as we were so most of the time our first vehicle, bicycle, wagon, or motorcycle was something that always required repairs to be able to run. Our brother Martin learned to be a really bang-up mechanic. He could get anything to run and overhaul any engine. Our dad managed to acquire an old Harley Hummer in the summer of 1965. It needed repairs and Martin loved to tinker with it in his spare time. School work went to the wayside and the tools took priority. This motorcycle was Martinís pride and joy. His greatest joy was to go for a ride on his very own motorcycle. This contraption became the envy of the girls in the family. We also loved to ride the Harley. Martin seemed to believe that girls should not drive motorcycles, but he mistakenly showed Rebecca how to operate it. "

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   "Martin had to work with our father every day. They were tearing down an old hospital on Strevell Avenue in Miles City. The land was being cleared for other expansions. Martin and our dad worked to salvage hardwood floors, marble fireplaces, wood trim and old doors. During the day while they were working my sister Rebecca and I would steal Martinís pride and joy and go for long rides out in the country, down at the river or toward Kinsey. We loved to feel the wind in our hair and going fast on this old Hummer. It felt really good knowing that we were getting the best of Martin, too! We always tried to be home before Martin and Dad came home and most of the time we were. It seems he was none the wiser. Then one day we stayed out a little too long on the Kinsey Road. Martin was waiting for us when we arrived at home. Praise God that my sister Rebecca was driving! Martin threatened to beat us up! Whew! He was mad as hell!
    Now, so many years later, Martin has possession of the same motorcycle again. It looks so much better than it did in the old days. He has completely restored it to the original new look. Itís funny how all the memories seem to have been restored as well. It seems like only yesterday. We can still remember the excitement of the ride and all of the competition of beating Martin back home. We laugh now about all the wonderful fun we had growing up. Martin not only restored the motorcycle but he also restored the same house we grew up in. It seems great to see the same old motorcycle sitting in the same yard. We are sure Martin would let us drive it now; or maybe not!"

Webmasters note:
   One little bike and lot's of big family memories.....Thanks for sharing!

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