2 Lewis Puckett Race Bikes available

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2 Lewis Puckett Race Bikes available

Postby exhummernut » Mon Jan 16, 2023 4:54 pm

1954 and 1955 Harley Hummer Race Bikes For Sale.
I bought out the Lewis Puckett collection of Harley Hummer Race parts decades ago and built several race bikes out of all NOS parts. I have two of these bikes in my collection and I am ready to pass them along to the next enthusiast. Neither bike has ever been raced.
The 1954 was ridden around the track at Davenport as display laps once because the officials wouldn't let me compete because the bike had a reed valve in it and they did allow such modifications. (that is another story) It sports a swing arm frame that was a kit available through Cycle magazine and other m/c publications in the mid-50's. This was the same modification that Leroy Winters used on his 165 to win the 'Jack Pine' race back in 1956. The motor in this bike also has what I believe was Mr. Puckett's final iteration of his Hummer race motors as it has the most radical configuration of ANY of his race Hummers. Instead of milling off just the top few fins on the cylinder and swedging on a dozen bigger fins in aluminum, he made the fins huge and almost square for maximum cooling, almost 10inches and all the way to the bottom of the cylinder and then he made a head to match! And he did away with the carb spigot on the cylinder and made a reed valve right into the crankcase and fed a Harley 45 Linkert carb into it. It also has the race clutch, crankcase stuffer, and a bendix magneto. All those parts were NOS. (New Old Stock, never mounted) asking 7K
Bike 2 1955 :
This bike is striped down as far as possible for a Land Speed Attempt. It has Ceranni front forks, alloy wheel rims, and Pucket race gears in the tranny. Never raced. Used for one weekend as a pit bike at the Bonneville salt flats. asking 5K or 10K for both
I also have a stack of new sprockets for front and rear for different gearing per different tracks/races. Along with a box of spares as well.
Write for detailed pictures to travis.harleyhummernut@gmail.com or call Travis at 719-641-6484 (crappy phone service here)
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Re: 2 Lewis Puckett Race Bikes available

Postby pumpguy » Mon Jan 16, 2023 5:47 pm

Hey Travis, Back in the early 60s I bought what had to be one of the last, if not THE LAST. swing arm conversion kit from Wright's Springer Products in Florida. Found their ad in an old copy of American Motorcycling.

Would you have any of their sales literature for these? I tried searching AMA's magazine archives, but I guess they didn't save ads that didn't appear on article pages.

BTW, I'm the guy in Illinois that did that crank shaft rebuild for you in the late 1980s IIRC. I believe I also sold you my last George Todd head.
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Re: 2 Lewis Puckett Race Bikes available

Postby Backyard Bob » Mon Jan 16, 2023 6:54 pm

Just an observation here. One year I made it out to Wauseon (if my memory serves me correctly) and watched a 'Hummer Race'. There was a guy who had a swing arm bike/conversion(?) that was really bad ass. He kept drifting from 2nd to 3rd place and back but I could tell his bike was actually faster than the rest. The problem? His swing arm would start to let the rear tire bounce and he'd lose traction. The stock swing arms had a spring but no damper or shock absorber. Did the conversion kits, rather than stock frames with the '63 Scats on up, have a way to compensate for the bounce?
Backyard Bob
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Re: 2 Lewis Puckett Race Bikes available

Postby exhummernut » Mon Jan 16, 2023 7:09 pm

Hey Backyard Bob,

I actually raced a '64 Scat Puckett bike there once and had that exact problem. It might have been me that you saw. And indeed the 'spring arm' frame as I called them on those bikes had NO shocks so the springs just did what springs do.............. they bounced ! After that I replaced said springs with a solid steel piece and ran it as a rigid frame. Soto answer your question, yes the Wrights Swing Arm attachment kit included two shock absorbers. ;>)

thanks for your comment,
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