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New Guy Mike from Massachusetts

Postby Mike C. » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:24 pm

Hello All:

Just checking in to introduce myself. First off, thanks for having me!

Mutt has already been helping me quite a bit and he's been awesome. One of the reasons I decided to join was because I appreciate his generosity with his time and knowledge, and after reading the boards here, I realize he's part of a great community and I was inspired to join up as well.

I've been a motorcycle guy long as I can remember, always loved them. Been riding and wrenching for many years, keeps me sane and calm if you know what I mean. I'm currently moving toward completion of my first HD Lightweight project, little 1960 Super 10 I picked up off Craigslist about 4 years ago. Wasn't looking for a lightweight, always thought they were cool, but I'm generally into bigger bikes, US and British. But this one sat and sat for several months, kept calling to me. I finally took a ride up to New Hampshire to check it out, and she was as rough and funky as she looked in the ad...

1960 Super 10 1.jpg
1960 Super 10 1.jpg (410.66 KiB) Viewed 1778 times

1960 Super 10 2.jpg
1960 Super 10 2.jpg (368.85 KiB) Viewed 1778 times

1960 Super 10 3.jpg
1960 Super 10 3.jpg (386.33 KiB) Viewed 1778 times

Owner told me I was the first person to come to see it! We finally made a reasonable deal and I brought her home, cleaned her up and put it in the shed. Had two other projects ahead of her. This past Fall I decided it was time, tore her down and started the rehab. Just finished pretty much everything but the motor, working on that now.

Please keep in mind I am a hobbyist, not trying to achieve a concourse restoration, just want to bring her back to life, maybe put her in a few local shows to make other happy just seeing the old girl, and then maybe sell her if I run out of room in my garage which is what happens (not a huge garage and my wife insists on parking her car in it.) :(

I'll add a couple pics of how she looks right now in my next post, can only add 3 pics per post.

I look forward to picking the brains of the experienced members here, and if I can ever help anyone out with anything I will do my best. As a matter of fact, my first question is regards the buddy seat that was on her when I picked her up. It was a stock seat, but the way it was mounted is odd, at least to me. Twin triangular plates were welded to the frame to serve as spring supports. I've never seen another set-up like this. Has anyone else? I actually sold the buddy seat several years ago to buy a solo seat, but the mystery (and triangle plates) remain.

Mike C.
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