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Postby rolly1 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:37 pm

Just recently signed up again in the club. I first joined in 1988 and my member number was 318. Me and my brother restored a 59 Harley 165 and then I moved on to Mustang Motorcycles and Cushman Eagles. (That I still have ) The 59 165 was my brothers bike so he kept it. When my brother passed away in September his family gave me the Harley because we built it together. The Harley is a keeper and since the engine has never been overhauled I want to rebuild it. I have picked up two 165 engines and one Super 10 engine over the years and I would like to do some trading for the engine rebuild on the 59 . I can do it myself but I have so many projects I would like to just let someone else do it. I ride these bikes and show them also.
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