An Embarassing Moment

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An Embarassing Moment

Postby hennesse » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:44 am

Yesterday (2018-06-08), I took my 1955 Hummer for a 30 mile ride. I was having a blast, driving down pastoral country roads at an agreeable 40 or 45 mph, just me and my Hummer. On the way home, I took a shortcut through a modern sub-division. I pulled over to the edge of the road to let the semi-monster diesel truck pass me, but he wouldn't pass me - he just stayed alongside of me. He yelled something, but I couldn't tell what he was saying. So I pulled over at an intersection, hit the hit the kill button, and stopped.

He pulled over, and asked (more audibly this time) "What the heck is that thing?". So I explained. Meanwhile, some guy on a modern bobber-Suzuki-thing pulled over too. So, as motorcycle guys tend to do in a situation like this , we spent 15 minutes just shooting the breeze. After we had worn out the breeze, I kicked over the Hummer, and admirably, it started on the first kick. And then it died...

So I kicked it again, and again, and again - choke off, choke on - but it wouldn't start. I was getting embarassed. Big time.

Troubleshooting - the last thing I did was to hit the kill button. So in all likelihood that is what caused the problem. The only tool we had amongst the three of us was a small screwdriver, which was enough the remove the screws holding the point cover. I tore off a piece of a matchbook cover, and inserted it between the kill button spring and the points. Points were opening and closing fine. Still wouldn't start. Checked the gas flow by removing the main jet needle - plenty of gas. Spark plug sparking. Not able to do much else having only a small screwdriver.

So Mr. Monster Truck offered to give me and the Hummer a ride home, and I took him up on it. The three of us picked up the Hummer and deposited it in the bed of Monster Truck. I said "Well, now that we've got it in the truck, I'm gonna kick it over, and I'll bet it will start". I kicked. Sure enuf - it started.

So we lifted it out of the truck and deposited it on the ground. I thanked these guys profusely, and rode home without any further problem.

My face is still a little red.
Broad Run, Virginia
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